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Barcode Scanners

All your processes can be easily managed with Ultimo. But our barcode scanners make some processes even faster to manage. Without having to look up the information in Ultimo on your workstation, you can use our barcode scanner interface to register data on location. This saves a lot of time and means the data is always accurate.


Simple and quick registrations

Register hours worked, stock adjustments or issues quickly and easily in Ultimo. Wherever you are. Ideal for when you work with barcode scanners a lot but do no constantly want to return to your workstation. Or when your employees work with barcode scanners but not with a computer or smartphone. Making it even quicker and easier to register data in Ultimo on location. Without having to use Ultimo Go or Ultimo on your computer That is what our Barcode Scanners module is for.

These processes are supported by the barcode scanner interface:

  • Registration of the start and end times of the execution of activities.
  • Ordering articles.
  • Implementing stock corrections.
  • Tracking stock adjustments.
  • Issuing and collecting consumables.
  • Issuing and collecting inventory.

Which barcode scanners doe we support?

We work with OPAL for the purchase of barcode scanners. They take care of all support for the scanner. So you can get the most out of your mobile solution. In collaboration with OPAL we selected two devices that are suitable for use in combination with Ultimo software:

  • Honeywell CT60 met Android (PDA)
  • Zebra TC8000 (Pistol Grip)
  • Zebra MC33-G

If needed, other devices can be supported.

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