The paper proposes that to simplify HSE management, and maximise both its effectiveness and efficiency, it should be integrated with maintenance into an Enterprise Asset Management system. The paper is available to download at:

Written by Chris van den Belt, Team Leader Product Management, the paper covers the complexities of the chemical processing environment from a safety perspective and also addresses the financial imperatives of ensuring that asset management is given due focus. It looks at the complex issue of making equipment safe before maintenance work is carried out as well as touching on key legislation such as the Seveso III Directive.

The paper makes the case that the first HSE problem that enterprise asset management software solves is that of maintaining a clear overview. Instead of using separate systems for information on an operation’s assets, their maintenance and the related HSE processes, an EAM cloud platform brings it all together in one place. HSE management becomes fully integrated and functionally linked to asset management, in a system that signals the condition and status of assets in real time. Digitalisation and integration avoid duplication, reduce effort, increase efficiency and give a clearer picture. Crucially, such a system not only sets HSE processes and procedures but enforces them. The system is designed to permit maintenance tasks to go ahead only when all the required safety steps have been taken. In doing so it ensures automatic compliance.

A cloud-based EAM system, which is a world apart from the inefficiencies and limitations of paper-based administration, can be easily accessed by authorised users in all relevant roles across multiple sites. The same easy-to-understand information, and the ability to progress activities and record information, is available to each user on any device.

In short, the paper concludes, an integrated HSE and maintenance management EAM system simplifies work and empowers personnel to carry out tasks safely, compliantly and on schedule.

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