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Technology Partner

How Viewport and Ultimo structure your documentation

How do you know which drawings, manuals, P&IDs and work instructions belong with the assets you maintain? As part of compliance it is essential that you can link all of your documents with the right assets. Where do you start when you have thousands of documents, all saved in different systems? That is exactly why Viewport and Ultimo Software Solutions bv have teamed up.

Ultimo Software Solutions and Radial SG have realised an integration between Radial Viewport and Ultimo Maintenance Management to combine the best of both systems. You do not have to change anything in your current work processes. Users can continue working with the existing applications for document management (or with files on the network drive) while Viewport makes sure that the documents are automatically linked to the right assets. Viewport supports all file types and document management systems and is seamlessly integrated in Ultimo. It works with all versions of Ultimo and can be run as both an On-Premises and a SaaS solution so users can start benefitting from all advantages today. The Viewport application is browser-based and does not require any installations for the end users. All information that is required for maintenance can be accessed directly from every computer in your organisation.

Which customers benefit from our partnership?

BASF Heerenveen uses the Ultimo – Viewport integration.

Peter Brink, VP Sales & Marketing at Viewport, about the partnership with Ultimo:
We are very excited about the partnership with Ultimo. The Viewport solution will be a valuable addition for the Ultimo customers. Together we will continue to support our customers in their objects for operational excellence, efficiency, a higher availability of the assets, and more.

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Kris Sage Sales Director