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Type of Partner
Technology Partner

About openpack

The platform „openpack“ brings together all partners in the packaging industry. We enable cost-effective data exchange in the factory and systems can communicate seamlessly with each other. Our goal is to make companies more productive and enable them to exchange data easily and cost-effectively.

  • We connect the participants of the industry and enable a common language for all systems
  • As a platform, we enable the central usability of all data for all systems
  • We digitize all activities along the value chain
  • We simplify, accelerate & automate processes
  • We increase the productivity of our customers and provide added value for all participants
Technology partner

Value for customers

For openpack, the partnership with IFS Ultimo means an expansion of their integrated partner portfolio, which offers customers additional content.

This results in added value for manufacturing companies in the packaging industry worldwide. This is reflected in simplified commissioning, reduced IT effort as fewer interfaces are required, and optimized maintenance software. The broader database also enables greater transparency and extended analysis options for end customers.

Patrick Klee, Chief Product Officer at openpack:

“Our partnership with IFS Ultimo is based on a shared vision and understanding of the changing requirements in the packaging industry. We share a clear commitment to digitalization and recognize the importance of innovative solutions for the future.
Our platform approach allows us and our customers to work seamlessly with IFS Ultimo. This enables an efficient reduction of interfaces, simplifies data provision and allows our customers to easily integrate and use IFS Ultimo’s solutions via our openpack platform.“

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Kris Sage Sales Director