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Type of Partner
Technology Partner
Type of Integration
Internet of Things (IoT)

At DATAHONE we are inspired by decades of industry experience to deliver out-of-the-box contextual analytical production manufacturing insights for managers and leaders, allowing better, more informed decisions to be made. We describe this as the Intelligent Factory.  

DATAHONE delivers productivity and quality improvements using ‘Industry 4.0’ sensors & devices, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and AI.

Technology Partner

How DATAHONE & IFS Ultimo support you?

DATAHONE’s Intelligent Factory provides production and condition monitoring applications to manufacturers across many different industry sectors and, like IFS Ultimo, delivers a host of benefits regarding productivity. 
IFS Ultimo and DATAHONE already work with UK manufacturers to enhance outputs and the reliability of manufacturing assets. Machinery and other assets that are optimised for performance and maintained for reliability, deliver positive outcomes for profit margins. 

Outstanding ROI

Cliff Brereton, CEO of DATAHONE, said: “This partnership is great news for manufacturers who use DATAHONE’s production and maintenance monitoring capabilities to manage their performance. By adding Ultimo’s asset and maintenance management offering to our portfolio, we can expand our offering and add new value to our customers. Both solutions have demonstrated outstanding Return on Investment (ROI), and being able to monitor production process and assets around the business can truly make a difference to our customers.” 

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Kris Sage Sales Director