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Medical Asset Management Software

The Medical Technology software by Ultimo is an important tool in the healthcare industry to meet safety requirements. Ultimo has been active in the healthcare industry for decades.

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With Medical Technology software you can profit from

  1. Control over and understanding of periodical maintenance and other activities of your medical assets.
  2. Support when complying with risk and safety management.
  3. Cost control.
  4. A higher availability of your medical assets.
  5. Standard interfaces for more convenience.
Medical Asset Management Software

Support of risk and safety management with Medical Technology software

The Medical Technology software by Ultimo is an important aid in the healthcare industry to meet safety requirements. Safety and risk management are at the heart of the software; also, the software gets caregivers and managers involved with the maintenance process in an easy manner. How can you get all responsibilities assigned to the right people? Ultimo has been active in the healthcare industry for decades.

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Our Medical Technology software offers you support on risk and maintenance classifications, the execution of periodical maintenance and other activities, but also with ‘releasing’ and ‘accepting’ medical instruments. Default interfaces were made with databases with HS codes as well as MTbook, a database of medical instruments in order to take advantage of all this knowledge. And it is easy to generate reports with our standard Management Dashboard. See vital signs. Take vital action.

Medical Technology software part of the Ultimo EAM platform

The Medical Technology software is part of the broad Ultimo EAM platform. With the number 1 flexible Ultimo EAM platform you have a complete platform to support all of your valuable assets and the corresponding processes in your organisation. In addition to modules, features and specific industry solutions, our solutions in terms of business information and integrations complete that support.

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We offer a subscription plan that meets your needs. With predefined industry solutions, we guarantee a best-practice solution for your industry. Out-of-the-Box, yet extremely flexible. Experience an unmatched ROI through quick implementations, seamless integrations and self-service application management.

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For organisations that want to benefit from a complete out-of-the-box solution for EAM. Industry-specific solutions for Technical Asset Management and Medical Asset Management are also available.
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For large organisations that want to have the complete platform at their disposal to leverage the maximum benefits from Ultimo. No compromises, everything included and complete!
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