CAFM software

As facility manager you focus on the delivery of support services to your organisation. How can you make your facility processes smooth and flawless? With the help of a CAFM system.

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Take advantage of CAFM software

  1. More result-driven understanding.
  2. Better satisfied employees and customers.
  3. Grip and efficiency when dealing with facilities.
  4. A number of options to control costs.
CAFM software

Streamline your facilities processes with a CAFM system

What is CAFM software?

CAFM is the abbreviation of Computer Aided Facility Management. This is software that allows you to handle your facility and property related processes. Examples of these processes are catering, the service desk, building management, long-term maintenance planning, resources, reservations, IT, … When these processes are managed in CAFM software, you gather an enormous amount of information. And this helps you maximise your facilities processes and realise your objectives. 

See vital signs. Take vital action.

All your assets, including people, and facilities with their associated processes can be managed with Ultimo’s CAFM system. It allows you to build up a data flow that is invaluable for your entire organisation. Information about maintenance, buildings, catering, facility reservations, service desk, reception desk, cleaning, security, and appointments with third parties for example. Often, these are crucial signals you or your colleagues need to respond to immediately. 

On an operational level, CAFM software allows you to monitor your facility policy. You are not only realising a decisive overview but also a strategic management tool. By structuring your facility processes, you increase your understanding and gather very relevant information, also highly suitable for your colleagues, MT and board members. CAFM software supports you in your chain integration because you can directly involve your customers in the system. This not only benefits the efficiency but also stimulates customer-orientation, since your customers actively participate in the service process through Self-Service. Live-link your assets and facilities. 

CAFM system for front office and back office

With Ultimo CAFM System you support both your front office and your back office. It is the best way to complete your services. Make all work processes more efficient. The Ultimo Computer Aided Facilities Management system is the right tool to do so. Not only can you work more effectively in the field of communication, but the efficiency of coordination, implementation and completion of facility management work can also be improved significantly. Soon you will notice that your employees do their work decisively. And spend less time answering unnecessary e-mails or telephone calls. Because you coordinate the activities with Ultimo CAFM Software, the risk of you forgetting important work is lower. And what is more, notifications keep both you and your customers informed of important events, status changes or new reports. Ultimo CAFM makes securing agreements and managing your organisation’s many contracts and/or suppliers easy.

Everything in order with Ultimo CAFM software

  • Clear dashboards and reports
  • Control information clearly presented
  • Essential in audits and inspections
  • More structure and efficiency with CAFM Software
  • Better internal and external communication
  • Boost for customer and employee satisfaction
  • Control over costs and projects
  • Self-Service
  • Efficient reporting and processing
  • Integration knowledge tree and Self-Service
  • Smart measuring customer satisfaction

CAFM system part of Ultimo EAM platform

The CAFM system is part of the broad Ultimo EAM platform. The #1 Ultimo EAM software provides a complete platform to support all of your assets and the corresponding processes in your organisation. In addition to the features and benefits the software offers, our implementation support ensures you are able to access the business information that you want quickly and easily.

Pricing and editions

We offer you a subscription plan that meets your needs and budget. With predefined industry solutions, we guarantee a best-practice solution for your industry. Out-of-the-Box and at the same time extremely flexible. Experience an unmatched ROI through short implementations, seamless integrations and self-service application management.

/month/full user
For small organisations that want to take a successful first step in terms of digitising Asset Management, streamlining work processes and implementing improvements in the organisation.
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/month/full user
For medium-sized organisations that want to benefit from a complete out-of-the-box solution for EAM. Industry-specific solutions for Technical Asset Management and Medical Asset Management are also available.
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Price on request
For large organisations that want to have the complete platform at their disposal to leverage the maximum benefits from Ultimo. No compromises, everything included and complete!
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Relevant Cases

Care Group Noorderboog
  • Facility management, IT and service requests in one system
  • More result-driven understanding
  • Higher availability of IT assets
  • Integrated approach of asset & fleet management
  • Further improved structure
  • End users have a ready-made solution
  • Fits in perfectly with the organisation’s sustainability policy
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