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Implementation Partner

Ultimo & MaxGrip: Partnership for better results

MaxGrip consultants help asset-intensive companies everywhere to make their assets consistently perform better, which hangs on the correct use of their EAM and APM systems.

MaxGrip has an almost 25-year track record in asset management consultancy and services, including many EAM implementations in industries like oil & gas, liquid bulk storage, infra & utilities, power generation and FMCG both in the Netherlands and abroad. For individual sites and on multisite level. We successfully use the power of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 solutions to do so. MaxGrip was founded in 1997 and is known for their ‘getting things done’ approach. We are active on all continents and have a global presence with our offices in the Netherlands (HQ), the United States and Malaysia.

Let’s get the job done

A proper implementation or optimisation of the Ultimo software significantly contributes to your success. MaxGrip understands that and puts your wishes and corporate situation first. We have experience with bespoke implementation projects of EAM software, including in liquid bulk storage, all over the world. You can trust Ultimo to run the software and MaxGrip to make sure you get the most out of the software, with insight into your performance and a perfect match with your work processes, wishes and ambitions. Our consultants have years of experience with working with EAM systems (and connecting APM systems) and don’t shirk any type of work: whether it is advice, implementation, project management, coaching, training or helping your team. MaxGrippers get the job done.

These customers benefit from our partnership

Many customers in industry and infrastructure benefit from our solutions and services. If you are interested in more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Improving with confidence

Cees Maaskant, CEO of MaxGrip, on the partnership with Ultimo:
“You want the switch to a new EAM system to go as smoothly as possible and improve your results as quickly as possible. MaxGrip and Ultimo ensure a smooth process in which the technology, systems, your processes and people, which are all the crucial dimensions for improvement processes, are fully aligned. Ultimo makes sure the EAM software is running and MaxGrip ensures that the software is so well geared to your company processes that your people are confident about making the switch.”

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