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How do you work even more efficiently with Ultimo? By using the apps Ultimo Go or Ultimo Go+ on your tablet or smartphone. With these apps important information is always readily available.

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Work as efficiently as possible with Ultimo Go/Go+

Always access to Ultimo, no matter where you are. So no more having to return to your workstation if you have to register something. Or need information. Realise such efficiency with our carefully developed apps: Ultimo Go and Ultimo Go+. It really saves you time! Ultimo software automatically includes the Ultimo Go. You do need an Internet connection for the Ultimo Go. Do want to be able to work offline with Ultimo? Then the Ultimo Go+ is a great solution for you. We offer this app with scan function and GPS integration. You can download the Ultimo Go+ via the Apple Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Contact us for the required hardware and software.

What can these apps mean for you?

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to processes activities immediately on site.
  • Create new activities or consult information.
  • The apps are intuitive with simple touch control.

Overview functionalities

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Ultimo Go Ultimo Go+ (optional)
Perform condition based assessments (building) ✔ (online only)
Perform condition based assessments (infra) (available from 2019 release) ✔ (online only)
View data of equipment, inventory, buildings, etc.
View supplier and personnel data
View, create or process work orders
Article registration in work orders
Process inspections
Consult and process Lockout Tagout
View reservations
View contracts (e.g. with suppliers)
Validate work permits
View and process Lockout/Tagout
Use the device to get in touch directly with contacts (phone/email)
Camera integration (link photos)
Configure / parameterise functionality (by Ultimo)
Available offline: work without an internet connection
Scan (QR code, barcode)
Take stock of objects in a room by using QR codes
GPS integration
Sign for approval (standard for Medical Technology back office, can be set up by a consultant for other back offices)

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