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Integral EAM cloud platform helps Mosa increase efficiency

Mosa has been designing and producing sustainable ceramic tiles in their factory in Maastricht since 1833. To properly shape this process, Mosa now uses Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management as an integral part of it.

Ultimo at Mosa: Integral EAM cloud platform helps Mosa increase efficiency

With the integral Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management cloud platform, they have increased their efficiency significantly at the exact cost. Maintenance, Facility, IT Service Management, and HSE processes are managed integrally from one application. This achievement secured Mosa a well-deserved second place for the Ultimo Award. The Ultimo Award is traditionally part of the Ultimo Conference. Ron Sleijpen, Functional Analyst for the ceramic tile manufacturer, explains: “In 2017, we migrated as many systems as possible to the cloud. This project freed up a lot of time for our internal organization. Most of our work is now done digitally according to standard processes. This way of working increases our efficiency significantly”.

Increased efficiency through integration

At the introduction of Ultimo, the first step was to integrate the maintenance processes after working with another application for 20 years. Mosa also added the facility and IT Service Management processes to the Ultimo EAM cloud platform. At last, Mosa migrated the HSE processes to the same Ultimo application. “We now work together from one system. Users are no longer sent back and forth for answers, and processes are linked. This migration has significantly increased our efficiency. Everyone works in the same way in one system. And all this information is used for analyses,” Sleijpen adds. “And everything at the same costs as before, when we had only integrated the maintenance processes in the system. This is a great advantage.”

Watch the video about the use of Ultimo at Mosa:

"We now work together from one system. Users are no longer sent back and forth for answers, and processes can be linked. This has significantly increased our efficiency."
Ron Sleijpen

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