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Unmatched ROI

Ultimo’s EAM platform gives you the certainty of a flexible Asset Management system. A system that can grow with your organisation and your needs. All in line with the size, maturity and budget of your organisation. It provides you with the certainty of a fitting solution in every situation. With many default functionalities. Based on worldclass technology, Ultimo can also be seamlessly integrated with other applications step-by-step as and when you need it.

With Ultimo you enjoy these benefits

  • 4 product versions rich in functionality
  • Scalable growth possible
  • Usability increases hands-on tool time, improves management information
  • Broad functionality prevents islands of automation and increases synergy
  • Fast implementations with out-of-the-box industry solutions
  • Successful implementations by experienced experts
  • Modern integration platform supports manageable application landscape
  • Cost-effective flexibility because of Self-Service application management
  • High-quality Cloud platform for maximum performance

All information saved in one system

Our software helps our customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Infra and Utilities realise many advantages such as increasing uptime, managing costs, increasing life span, meeting laws and regulations and ensuring a safe working environment.

BASF: “All information saved in one system, for multidisciplinary use. That is the biggest advantage of Ultimo for BASF. And it helps improve maintenance in the factory. Our experience is that the ROI of the Ultimo software is about two years.”

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