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Full integration between the maintenance and safety processes at Vesta Terminals

The Ultimo software supports Vesta to continuously manage and improve efficiency, control, compliance, planning and budgeting. The full integration between the Maintenance and Safety processes and the possibility to work on-the-go provide great benefits for the Vesta organization.

Commitment to improve the quality of the services

Vesta Terminals offers its customers safe and reliable logistics services in the form of storage and transhipment, primarily for crude oil, refined petroleum products, bio fuels and petrochemicals. Vesta owns and operates three storage terminals in Antwerp (Belgium), Vlissingen (The Netherlands) and Tallinn (Estonia) with a total capacity of over 1.6 million cubic metres.

Vesta has an ongoing commitment to improve the quality of its services, while protecting people and the environment. Ensuring health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, customer satisfaction and community well-being is at the heart of Vesta’s corporate mission. Due to great commitment, a clear vision and smart automation, Vesta Terminals was able to professionalise the processes for Maintenance, Work Permits, HSE Incident Management and Management of Change.

Already Obtained Results:

  • A better collaboration and communication betweeen the maintenance department, operations and the prevention department.
  • The policy of continuous improvement is implemented in an international context with the associated cultural differences.
  • Clear KPIs are of great importance, as well as an effective ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle’.

Modules in this case

Authorisation Management
Only show relevant information.
EHS Incident Management
Avoid critical risks with EHS Incident Management.
Management of Change
Set up your Management of Change process in a structured and efficient manner.
In some cases it won't even be necessary anymore to create a report.
Ultimo Go
Work as efficiently as possible with Ultimo Go.
Work Permits
Integration between work order and work permit.

Other cases in Logistics service providers

  • Self-Service portal for more efficient requests
  • Insight into the availability of rooms and catering
  • Reduced workload for the back offices
Maasvlakte Oil Terminal
  • Much better registration of information and knowledge
  • Quickly finding information (for audits)
  • Significant overall efficiency improvement
  • Reduce the distance between departments
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