Technological Developments

The concepts of efficiency and cost savings get a whole new dimension with all technological developments happening now. Because with smart sensors and other applications it has become easier to predict when an asset requires maintenance. And a notification from the maintenance management system that the maintenance of production line A has been scheduled automatically as a result of data from smart sensors saves you a lot of valuable time. 

IoT and Smart Maintenance

Today’s developments in the field of IoT and Smart Maintenance follow each other rapidly. It will take another couple of years before all the different technologies will actually be fully implemented in the maintenance industry. This was the conclusion of a survey held in 2017 among 150 maintenance managers. They were asked about the themes that are or will be current now and in the future, and the challenges they face. The survey also showed that the role of software and new technologies is very important, but that the actual use is not really visible yet. The results of the survey have been visualised and made into a trend report.  

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