Manage maintenance activities

KEBAG AG, the operator of the second-largest waste recycling plant in Switzerland, has chosen Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform to manage maintenance activities in its new facility, which is currently being built. The KEBAG Enova plant will use the cloud-based software solution to optimise maintenance management and collaboration around the plant, ensuring uninterrupted waste disposal and reliable production of electricity and district heating. The rollout has already begun.

KEBAG AG recycles 265,000 tons of waste per year at its existing Zuchwil site in the canton of Solothurn. The incineration plant manages waste from around 178 municipalities and over 500,000 inhabitants from Solothurn and the neighbouring canton of Bern. Its environmentally-friendly waste disposal process generates electricity and district heating for the region. Now, the company is constructing a new plant to meet these requirements even better in the future. The new KEBAG Enova waste recycling plant will have the same disposal capacity as the old facility but aims to achieve a 15 percent higher energy efficiency, allowing it to generate around 150 GWh of electricity and 140 GWh of district heating per year.

Innovative technologies and functionalities

The state-of-the-art facility will start using the Ultimo cloud platform already before its expected commissioning date in 2025. Featuring innovative technologies and functionalities, the software helps optimise maintenance and servicing processes, improves cooperation between operations and maintenance personnel, and contribute to maximum plant availability.

“KEBAG Enova replaces our existing waste processing plant, which is coming to the end of its life after approximately 50 years of operation. The number of unexpected plant failures is naturally increasing, which leads to costly disruption and bottlenecks in waste disposal. The cloud-based software solution Ultimo, together with our new building, is a central building block in ensuring uninterrupted waste disposal and reliable energy generation in the future,” says Remo Fahrni, Head of Maintenance, KEBAG AG.

Before the end of the year, the first users will have their Ultimo licenses and join training courses Ultimo arranges in close cooperation with KEBAG. Ultimo is expected to be used by 42 employees, who will rely on it to manage all assets, including machinery, buildings and infrastructure, and optimise and document maintenance, servicing, and compliance processes.

Improved cooperation

Initially, 19 employees will have full access to all the data in Ultimo and will be able to plan, review and analyse activities. Additionally, 23 users will have limited access, allowing them to view information and create messages. They will also have access to functions for recording downtime and autonomous maintenance, shift handover, lockout/tagout, and registration of work permits and change requests. The introduction of Ultimo’s HSE module for managing tasks relating to Health, Safety, and Environment is planned for later this year.

“By choosing Ultimo, KEBAG is laying the foundation for achieving maximum availability, improved cooperation between the operators and the maintenance department, and the highest level of occupational safety. The early implementation is a prerequisite for a successful start to operation,” says Oliver Kaiser, Sales Director, Ultimo Software Solutions.

The Ultimo cloud platform is highly customisable and offers modules for managing assets, work orders and projects, processes relating to HSE, and planning long-term maintenance management. With vital data collected and hosted in one central location, the same information is always available to everyone involved. The cloud platform and the Android and iOS apps make the data available anywhere at any time, whether on a PC, laptop, or directly on-site with a mobile device. Ultimo also provides comprehensive reports and dashboards to simplify the analysis and interpretation of asset data.

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