Ultimo took on the challenge!

The goal: take 11,000,000 steps together in three weeks. Achieving this goal meant Ultimo would donate €2500 to the Red Cross. Challenge accepted!

With no less than 64 enthusiastic colleagues, divided into 13 teams, we faced the Ultimo Steps Challenge. Despite the distance, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable!  And boy, did we have some fanatic people among us.

And… It was a big success!

With an average of 9357 steps a day per participant, we are proud to announce that we achieved 107% of our joint goal. Together, we took no less than 11,873,750 steps! Such a great team effort that Ultimo is incredibly proud of.

The €2500 will be donated to the Red Cross soon.

Happy to help you at any time
Kris Sage Sales Director