Joining forces

Vibber GmbH is a specialist in fleet asset management and an implementation partner of Ultimo. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company now has an office in North Rhine-Westphalia, where a quarter of all German logistics centers are located. Their focus will be on the implementation of Ultimo Software in the Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing industries.

Ultimo is the leading EAM platform in Europe, serving over 2,200 customers in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, infrastructure and utilities. The new partnership allows vibber to add Ultimo’s EAM Cloud Platform to its service portfolio, enabling it to provide customers with a user-friendly and flexible EAM solution that is quick and easy to implement.

Vibber has extensive experience in enhancing fleet asset management processes. Implementing and optimizing Ultimo’s EAM software for the sector is one of the key services it offers. Creating interfaces between Ultimo and other software systems is also part of its service portfolio. Vibber and Ultimo’s joint customers include AB Texel Group, Rhenus Contract Logistics Netherlands, Port of Rotterdam Fire Department, Simon Loos and Vos Transport Group.

User-friendly and flexible EAM solutions

Lovely Ibañez, Business Manager, vibber GmbH, commented: “Ultimo and vibber GmbH are joining forces to add value to the German fleet market by improving their business process. Integrating Ultimo modules and functionalities will decrease assets’ downtime and help companies get more value out of their assets. We do this by accompanying our clients every step of the way while remaining focused on their people.”

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales, Ultimo, said: “We are looking forward to expanding our current partnership with vibber to the German market. Their domain knowledge in the fleet industry is one of the key building blocks in our joint success so far. I’m convinced that we offer a solution to the market with a lot of potential, as Ultimo can deliver supreme flexibility and quality without requesting a high initial investment.”

About vibber GmbH

Vibber GmbH is a daughter company of vibber B.V., a consulting company with 28 years of automotive and Dutch fleet asset market presence. After the successful 2 years of partnership in the Netherlands between vibber B.V. and Ultimo, vibber B.V. decided to expand in Germany to focus on midsize market within Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing.

Our consultants have worked in Ultimo for more than 8 years and have worked on small and large scale implementation projects for various organizations.

vibber GmbH just like its mother company, vibber B.V. together with Ultimo will optimize your business processes and empower your people in creating change while giving you insights and a holistic view about your assets. The combination of speed and curiosity of Vibber GmbH start up, the expertise of vibber B.V. with the technical breadth, depth and systems of Ultimo is the joint value proposition for customers.

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