Work together seamlessly

In Ultimo, you can register these activities in templates once so that activities are then streamlined and the different departments can work together seamlessly. Numerous changes and optimisations have been implemented in this module in Ultimo version 2020. Some examples:

  • Until now, it was not possible to move a multijob. You would get the notification that the subjobs would be cancelled rather than move with the multijob, as you would want. From version 2020 upwards, you can move a multijob, which neatly moves the subjobs with it.
  • It has become possible to send e-mails to the reporter when a subjob changes its status.
  • The report ‘Progress check current multijobs’ now uses the hours and the work calendar for its calculations.

More flexibility

This is just a small sample of the implemented changes. The result is more flexibility, more uniformity and fewer messages for end users. All in all, such an improvement! A complete list of all changes in Ultimo version 2020 can be found in the Highlights document of Ultimo version 2020. If you want to receive this highlights document or if you want more information about the possibilities of the Multijobs module, do send an e-mail to:

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