WoodYouCare helps to give back to nature, counteracts deforestation, reduces carbon emissions, improves biodiversity and creates jobs. They are fully transparent in everything they do; from purchasing and planting trees to maintenance. Companies and private individuals alike can plant trees to help towards becoming more sustainable and become climate neutral or even climate positive.

Sustainability policy

In addition to developing, selling and supporting business software that helps users increase their companies’ sustainability, Ultimo also takes responsibility for the effect the company has on both people and the environment. With every decision we make, we take into account the interests of all stakeholders and also strive for the right balance between economic, environmental and social values.

Ewout Noordermeer, CMO of Ultimo: “We try to minimise our carbon footprint by promoting hybrid working, travelling less, striving for energy efficiency with our collaboration with Microsoft Azure data centres (which have been carbon neutral for years), and by using energy-efficient office buildings (A label). And we take inspiration from WoodYouCare’s approach. By planting trees, we further shape our sustainability policy. As always, we strive for a sustainable relationship where we think of new ways to involve our stakeholders in planting new trees. All to improve sustainability together.”

Read more about our contributions on https://woodyou.care/companies/ifs-ultimo

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