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From operational to control information

The Ultimo software already has extensive reporting options, which range from standard reports to a Reporting tool for end users. Existing reporting means are mainly tactical and operational. The introduction of the integrated Power BI dashboards means that the strategic needs of organisations are also addressed by the platform. “More and more organisations are getting a handle on their operational processes.   We increasingly see that Business Intelligence solutions are used to report about data from the Ultimo software necessary to achieve important KPIs. By offering a default set of Power BI dashboards, we are anticipating on this growing demand. The customer can get straight down to business and make use of the management control information in an easy way”, says Chris van den Belt, Product Owner at Ultimo.

Default dashboards

The first set of default KPI dashboards aims at Maintenance control information. Five dashboards have been compiled, which provide management information about open activities, corrective and preventive maintenance, costs and budgets. The dashboards show trends and root causes. We will continue to develop and expand the Ultimo KPI dashboards on the basis of the requirements of the market.

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