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Maintenance-intensive assets

Axians collects data from machinery, tools, and other maintenance-intensive assets, and Ultimo’s EAM cloud platform turns it into easily actionable dashboards. The visual notification system alerts customers to critical events, such as failures, maintenance actions or safety certificates.

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo, said: “Axians collects a vast amount of data regarding the status of machines, vehicles and tools. By integrating this production data with maintenance data and visualising it in Ultimo’s EAM platform, customers can get better insight into production disruptions. This information helps optimise maintenance strategies and enhance coordination between operations and maintenance. The Ultimo EAM platform is customisable, and customers can choose the dashboards and indicators they want to see.”

Make smarter decisions

Tom Mathijssen, Business Consultant at Axians, commented: “Data allows us to test our gut feeling, make smarter decisions, optimise processes and bring them to a level we didn’t think was possible. Smart use of data about assets is essential to minimising breakdowns and improving quality. The wealth of information that Ultimo offers can be combined with finance or production data, for example, to gain the holistic insight needed for improvement. The Microsoft Azure cloud enables us to work seamlessly with the customer and Ultimo to provide unprecedented scalability and the highest possible level of security.”

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