Up-to-date environment

Frank Beckers, Equipment & Maintenance Manager at Total Belgium NV, is glad the order for the Cloud migration has been placed: “With Ultimo Cloud we’d have an up-to-date and safe Ultimo environment without needing our own hardware. And what’s more, our own IT personnel would no longer be required for updates so the software can be updated much more efficiently.”

Used very intensively

Ultimo is integrated in almost all actions in Ultimo Belgium NV and is used very intensively. The Maintenance department uses the software from notification and planning to reporting and monitoring of KPIs of all activities. Total Belgium has also integrated Maintenance & Safety, because the EHS department too uses Ultimo intensively. The software is used for incident follow-up, work permits, commissioning and the management of certificates and training. The IT department and the laboratory also use the Ultimo software, and Ultimo is used to organise all warehouse functions for all departments. Very important is the mobile support offered by the Ultimo GO.

With Ultimo in the Cloud, Total Belgium will soon have a state-of-the-art solution and benefit from all the advantages the Cloud offers, such as: access to Ultimo anywhere and at any time, a high performance and excellent security. They will also immediately benefit from improvements, bugfixes and backups. “We are very confident in the Cloud migration,” says Beckers.

Want to migrate to the Cloud?

If you want to migrate to the Cloud too and benefit from all advantages, or if you just want more information, please contact us.

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