Functional application knowledge

Berend Booms: “Since their inception, the programs have catered to both new (Professional and Premium) and experienced consultants alike (Premium Advanced). Recently, a program focusing on HSE has been added to our portfolio, and with programs for Medical and Fleet still on the horizon for release later this year, it’s never been easier to get started with IFS Ultimo!

All programs offer a combination of e-learning and video modules. While e-learning offers a deep-dive into functional application knowledge, all video content is catered to the consultant role specifically. This combination offers the best possible theoretical preparation for future implementations. To help you put this theory into practice, you’re required to complete a final case at the end of every program. Every final case has a foundation in reality and offers the perfect opportunity to test your skills in a true-to-life scenario. This test is the perfect gauge of knowledge and understanding and will prepare you for all the exciting implementation opportunities that open up after completing the certification track.

Once completed, IFS Ultimo is with you every step of the way. From hands-on support during the first few projects to knowledge sessions and additional content covering the newest releases and functionalities: with our certification programs, you’ll cultivate an expertise that is unmatched. Enroll today and continuously benefit from having a strong relationship with a leading EAM vendor!”

Instructive and user-friendly

Dag Kjensbekk, Consultant at Prevas, about his experiences during the program: “With 25 years of experience with different EAM systems, I can say that they have many similarities but also are very different. So as soon as we embraced IFS Ultimo at Prevas, it was crucial to gain the right specific knowledge about IFS Ultimo.

My first impression of the certification program was already very good. All the lectures were very instructive and user-friendly. They gave a good insight into the solution and its features. Next to that, you can always go back to repeat parts of the content if needed.

The final test of the certification program is really unique. It is challenging in a good way. It forces you to really think about everything that you have learned and put this into practice in a simulated real-life case.

I can say without a doubt that this is the best program I have participated in so far, because of all the good instructions and animations, which show the solution in a visual, user-friendly and clear way. Each session has small quizzes. This makes you constantly aware of the level of your knowledge, keeps you sharp and motivates you as a candidate. The knowledge that I acquired definitely helps me in my daily job where I can put it into practice.”

Happy to help you at any time
Kris Sage Sales Director