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Based on thorough research

The EAM Trend Report 2020 is founded on thorough research in the form of market research, in which approximately 250 asset and maintenance managers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom participated. The participants were asked to comment on broader problems, what they are struggling with now, which themes are important both now and in the future, and what kind of influence automation has on their day-to-day working life. In addition to market research, we held interviews with different experts together with our thirty years of experience in the EAM market in our research.

Some of the relevant questions the report answers:

  • What are the most important problems the asset manager faces?
  • What new technologies are most suitable for the asset manager?
  • What maintenance strategies are there and are used the most?
  • How do you create a balance between uptime and costs?
  • What effect does Covid-19 have on maintenance?
  • What do you do with assets that are nearing the end of their life span?
  • How do you convince the board of the necessity of life-span extending maintenance or maintenance in general?
  • How do you work safely and in compliance with laws and regulations in your organisation?
  • How do you manage and share crucial knowledge? And what role does technology play?

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The results of the competition are in

Did you enter the competition? And do you want to know the answer to the question is?

What is the most important challenge for an asset manager, both now and in the future?

  1. Applying new technological developments
  2. Training technical personnel
  3. Guaranteeing safety on the shop floor

The answer is C!

The three lucky winners have won a DJI Mavic Mini drone worth €400.  The winners have been informed personally.

If you want to know why guaranteeing safety is the most important challenge, then download the EAM Trend Report 2020!

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