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1. Avoid work pressure

If you can’t focus on your work because all the pesky details distract you, you have a problem. Which becomes even worse when you can no longer handle the work pressure. Take it up with your superior, explain you have too much going on and discuss solutions. Prevention truly is better than the cure!

2. Proper work shoes

Many work environments require special safety shoes. Because you run the risk of heavy objects falling on your toes. Or you can step in something very sharp. Consider well and determine the type of shoes you need.

3. Protect yourself against severe weather

Whether you are working in cold stores or in the burning sun: you have to protect yourself. Use work coats and appropriate clothing in inclement weather. Lots of hours in the sun? Use sun protection and drink sufficient water. The right protection and care help you to work safely and remain healthy in most circumstances.

4. Wear face protection

Do you regularly work in a noisy environment or with flying debris? Wear face protection. This can be ear protectors, safety goggles, or a helmet or mask. Your safety is paramount.

5. A proper posture for sedentary work

A correct sitting posture at a desk (see image) is very important. Spending long periods of time sitting at your desk is not good for you, and not conducive to safe and healthy work. Ideally you would take periodic breaks every half hour. The best thing is to get a cup of coffee, walk to a coworker in another department and take a stroll in your lunch break.

6. Safe lifting!

Do you often have to lift heavy weights at work? Then you have an increased chance of health-related problems. When you lift you need to plan the lift and always think before you lift; keep the load close to the waist to reduce pressure on your back; adopt a stable position; don’t twist when you lift, etc. (see image). There are ways in which you can make lifting and carrying weights easier. Always consider what is best for your situation.

7. Hazardous materials?

If you are exposed to hazardous materials during your work, it makes sense to know the rules that apply for the various products. Of course, there are precautions your employer has to take, but make sure you yourself are aware of provisions and rules.

8. Bullying: do not underestimate it

Bullying is a problem that is underestimated and unfortunately occurs regularly. Consequences of bullying are serious and not healthy! So, treat your coworkers as you would like to be treated yourself.

9. How to deal with aggression and violence?

External factors may cause unsafe situations at work, such as aggressive customers or coworkers. It is up to the employer to take measures to avoid this. People can take courses in how to deal with aggression and how to avoid escalation. And if you ever encounter aggression at work, it is best if you talk about it with your superior or an independent Confidentiality Officer.

10. Avoid occupational accidents

Make sure you have a safe and well-maintained workplace that is safely organised. For instance, provide a strongbox , camera surveillance, security if necessary and sufficient means of communication. And of course: use your common sense! Work safely and discuss your safety!

Ultimo Safety Management

Use these tips in your day-to-day work and put your own mind, and that of your employer, at rest. Enjoy spring, and be safe!

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