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Spending time searching is valuable time that qualified personnel can much better spend on activities that really create value for the hospital. Especially in a time where we are dealing with an overstrained labour market and a significant shortage of qualified staff in medical technology. A shortage that will only increase in the upcoming years due to the ageing population. So let us ensure that your valuable time is spent effectively and, above all, efficiently.

IoT as an enabler to make hospitals’ Asset Management smarter

IoT is not just a buzzword anymore. Tags, sensors, smart devices and robust data highways based on your Wi-Fi infrastructure become increasingly more accessible and affordable. All around us data is available, and by connecting the bits and bytes for your Asset Management, we can create value together. That is why the IFS Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management cloud platform offers the option of integrating with leading Track & Trace systems such as Philips PerformanceFlow. This allows you to access your critical mobile assets’ locations in real time in your CMMS software and trace how they are moving across your facilities.

What are the benefits?

  • Productivity of your staff will improve because less searching means more tool time
  • Utilisation of your equipment will go up, meaning you are able to do more with less
  • Automation of processes based on real-time data requires less manual action to, for instance, manage stock levels
  • Complementary consultancy services and vendor-agnostic data analytics help you to undertake a sustainable improvement journey
  • Stealing or hiding assets is simply not an option anymore
  • Compliance increases since you can now maintain what could previously not be found
  • Your CAPEX and OPEX costs go down thanks to a decrease in the number of new procurements and fewer assets that require maintenance over time

In short, by intelligently connecting different sources of smart data, you can optimise your asset-related workflows and improve services towards healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses. Eliminate inefficient activities and start to focus on what matters: more tool time for your people, which is crucial in today’s tight labour market. Higher availability of your critical assets while allowing you to reduce maintenance costs.

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