Proactive and predictive maintenance

IFS Ultimo is a leader in EAM software, expanding their footprint globally in a fast pace over the last years through a growing network of channel partners. This partnership adds another solution to Prevas’ portfolio enabling the company to offer even more customers attractive and cost-effective solutions for proactive and predictive maintenance.

Ylva Amrén, Region Manager West at Prevas, explains why both companies add value for each other:
Our partnership with IFS Ultimo will make a difference for organizations looking to streamline their operations with cost-effective asset management solutions. Prevas’ vast customer base, covering various industries, testify that we understand our customers and their needs.”

Asset Management is a prominent area of focus for Prevas, in recent years we have doubled our delivery capacity and have around 40 employees focusing primarily on Asset Management.

Cost-effective solutions

“IFS Ultimos platform is intuitive, customized for all Nordic languages, enables a fast pace of implementation, and is cost-effective, continues Ylva Amrén. We already have two customer projects underway where the customers have been waiting for a locally represented partner with a solid competence in combination with a scalable and comprehensive product to secure their assets.”

Marcel Leeflang, head of Channel Sales at IFS Ultimo, adds: “Prevas is a well-recognized service provider of maintenance systems and asset management on the Nordic market. That makes me very enthusiastic about this cooperation. By entering this partnership, we will be presented to the Nordic market by a powerful partner that acts as an IFS Ultimo solution provider and manages IFS Ultimo-related projects and implementations. Prevas employees are locally represented in sales, projects, and subsequent management services, of which we both know are highly valued by our joint customers. By adding IFS Ultimo to the Prevas portfolio, we offer asset-intensive customers in the midsized market in the Nordics an attractive and cost-effective solution for proactive and predictive maintenance.”

Next to a joint benefit for both companies, the acquisition of Ultimo by IFS in summer of 2022 played a role. Prevas and IFS have been in a partnership since 2019. For Prevas, this partnership is also a natural extension of their current partnership with IFS.

Top row: Arnt Rokstad (Prevas), Dag M. Kjensbekk (Prevas), Freddy Vos (IFS Ultimo), Tom Thoresen (Prevas) and Per Malmcrona (Prevas). Front row: Pernilla Ågren (Prevas), Ylva Amrén (Prevas), Manar Abd-Alhe (Prevas), Einar Alexander Andersen (Prevas) and Marcel Leeflang (IFS Ultimo).

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