About Pontifexx

Pontifexx is a pragmatic consultancy agency with 35 asset management specialists. Literally, Pontifexx translates into ‘bridge builder’. And that is exactly what they do. They strive to connect management and the shop floor. The company has a strong customer base in the Netherlands but also services internally oriented customers with sites in multiple countries. They mainly focus on industry, food, pharma and chemicals, health care, and manufacturing. Pontifexx services over 400 customers who use Ultimo, for example Texelse Bierbrouweij, Thales, Renewi, Dutch Nutrition and the city of Rotterdam.

We will be asking Johan van de Pol,  Commercial Director at Pontifexx, questions like:

  • Why choose Ultimo’s platform?
  • What value does the partnership with Ultimo add for your customers?
  • What quantifiable results does the partnership bring Pontifexx?

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