But what exactly are Group and Bulk PM again?

Bulk PM: Bulk PM saves you a lot of administrative actions. This feature makes it possible to register Periodical Maintenance for your assets without having to generate jobs for it beforehand. So you do build up a maintenance history. Very helpful when you have to maintain large numbers of assets simultaneously. However, cost registrations are not kept per asset.

Group PM: Do you have many assets for which the same maintenance activities take place? Then Group PM might interest you! The maintenance date of the activities is unique per asset, but you only have to register the contents of the activities once. On group level. So constantly entering the same activities for various assets is a thing of the past. And time-saving is within reach with this feature.

New Features

More and more organisations use Group PM. This is good news! As more customers start using a functionality, the demand for new features gets higher. For instance, there was high demand for options that were already available in regular Periodical Maintenance but not yet in Group PM. So, thanks to your input, we have realised the following:

  • Apply hierarchy
  • Set up Group PM basis of meter readings
  • Set days
  • Provide models with multiple job plans

Excited yet? Both functionalities are available as an additional licence per back office.

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