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Maintenance goes on, but not like any other day

Maintenance will go-on but not in the same way. So many more precautions need to be taken and its not easy on a plant with hundreds of people working closely together at the same time. Smaller groups, Hygiene regulations, no canteens, to name but a few. Practically the whole industry has to deal with the changes. Extra precautions cost time and money. There are so many uncertainties. What additional measure will be needed? Also, you cannot fly in experts from abroad. Still, we are giving it our all, and most are hopeful that work can continue under these difficult circumstances.

Maintenance with Ultimo

How we help organisations? With Ultimo. 100,000 daily Ultimo users are executing maintenance with Ultimo software. A maintenance management system in which you, as maintenance professional, can record important information about your assets. You use the software to optimise your work processes, collaborate better and implement and retain knowledge. Knowledge you use to improve your maintenance organisation, day in, day out. Ultimo also helps you with inventory and avoidance of risks concerning health, safety, quality, and the environment. Which is more relevant than ever. Together we provide good maintenance, and work safely.

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