Through volunteering, our employees can develop new skills, expand their network and gain a broader perspective on societal challenges. By investing their time and energy, our employees can create meaningful change while building a stronger bond with their communities. Moreover, the CSR Day serves as a testament to our company culture, highlighting our commitment to social responsibility. The introduction of our CSR Day is a reflection of our long-term strategy at IFS Ultimo. We are aiming for the best balance of economic, social and environmental value.

Read the CSR Day stories from two of our first colleagues who participated in volunteering activities:

”We contacted one of the residential care facility in Nunspeet, De Bunterhoek. It immediately became clear that many activities within the facility depended on volunteers. So they are always happy and open to getting some help. So, with a group of 6, we scheduled a day with them to take a group of residents to the local weekly market in Nunspeet. Nearly every resident depends on a wheelchair to get anywhere, so without the help of volunteers, these kinds of trips aren’t possible.

We received a warm welcome from them, and we got acquainted with some residents and employees. We got to choose our ‘date’ for that morning and went on the road. The weather was sunny, the mood was great, and we could feel the gratitude during our walk to and on the market. It’s inspiring to hear all the stories of their lives and to see how they try to make the most out of life when they’re at a certain age. Also, it’s heartwarming to notice that you are lighting up the day for people with this small gesture.”

Maarten Meijer – Manager Channel Services & Regional Practice Leader

”With a group of enthusiasts we went Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) to clean up the plastic in the canals in Harderwijk. And that is what the CSR Day is all about: making yourself useful with a lot of fun. There are plenty of good initiatives that are in need of extra hands. That is why we signed up with SUP&GO in Harderwijk where they work daily to remove all the garbage, and especially plastic, from the Veluwe lake. And I can tell you that’s a lot of garbage. The wonderful thing about a CSR Day is that it is completely up to you. You can volunteer with your family, individually or just with a group. And our group SUP&GO activity was immensely satisfying, because the lake was a little cleaner, the people you meet while cleaning up are incredibly grateful, it is mutually enjoyable and the muscle pain the next day also reminds us that we have been exercising.

The great thing about choosing a group activity is that in addition to doing something good, you also have a fun team event where you have made yourself useful for a good cause.”

Patrick Beekman – Manager Technology Solutions & Healthcare Marketing

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