The DNA of your organisation

So, what is your organisation’s DNA? It’s identity, core values, culture and your own personal capabilities which form an organisation’s DNA. And these are the characteristics that make your organisation unique, just like human DNA makes people unique. We advise you to use this self-awareness when you write the vision necessary to implement an CMMS. Some examples:
  • An innovative organisation that continues to surprise its customers with the latest technological gadgets is supported by a progressive technical department, who are working day in day out on improving the maintenance process. By better and careful registration of failures, preventive maintenance continues to become more effective. A CMMS also supports innovation by linking new technologies, like sensors, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, to the system.
  • An organisation that ‘just’ offers good products against low prices is supported by a cost conscious and efficient technical department. A department that itself delivers good products and services and continuously considers where it can save time and money. A CMMS provides the insight into these processes, quality and costs.

Implementation of a CMMS

By remaining loyal to the DNA of an organisation many choices will become easier. If you ask yourself: “What does the CMMS contribute to realising our vision, for example,  about maintenance?”, you will always come up with the right solution. And whether this is more innovative, or more conservative: the system is the same, only the use of the system differs.

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