Enthusiastic Start in Chihuahua (April 2017)

Ultimo consultant (and globetrotter) Gerhard van de Krol has travelled to Chihuahua in Mexico to train a group of very enthusiastic people. In addition, Gerhard has executed some of the initial activities regarding the implementation. In the coming period, the employees of Fokker will start inputting all data.

Implementation Completion (June 2017)

At the end of June, Gerhard van de Krol travelled to Chihuahua in the Mexican desert for another week to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and to guide and complete the implementation. Over the past five weeks, the people at Fokker Mexico have been busy entering all assets and tools that need maintenance into Ultimo. In a concluding session, Ultimo has been presented (partially in Spanish) to the end users. Gerhard: “This project is a good example of how the management and maintenance of the technical service in a medium-sized factory (anywhere in the world) can be efficiently automated in a short period of time.”

Ultimo Maintenance Management Lite as Software as a Service

Fokker Aerostructures will start using Ultimo in the form of a SaaS service (Software as a Service). With the SaaS service, you can use the powerful Ultimo software in all corners of the world, even the desert in Northern Mexico. To use it, you must of course have an internet connection at your disposal.

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