Best Operator Driven Maintenance Solution

“We are thrilled to have won the Award for Best Operator Driven Maintenance Solution,” said Johan Made, CEO of IFS Ultimo. “Our approach not only provides a comprehensive EAM solution but also involves operators in simple maintenance activities, enhancing knowledge transfer and increasing efficiency and profitability. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

IFS Ultimo strives to deliver solutions that empower better collaboration between Maintenance, Safety, and Operations. IFS Ultimo EAM is valued by over 2000 customers worldwide for its user-friendliness and easy adaptability to customers’ needs.

Increase cross-team collaboration

Reducing equipment failures and minimizing downtime is the key to greater productivity and efficiency in industrial manufacturing. At the same time, the costs for maintenance must remain within limits, and the safety of all involved must be guaranteed. Cross-team collaboration is a critical factor in achieving this. Using the EAM software from IFS Ultimo helps eliminate the data silos and communication gaps between maintenance, safety, and operations.

Very often there are situations where Maintenance and Operations blame each other when machinery fails. There is inadequate knowledge transfer, and too little use is made of one another’s capabilities. The safety department is also sometimes accused of being too far removed from practice and only concerned with audits. These are common complaints that can stem from poor cross-functional collaboration.

How can you improve this?

Set the same goals, acknowledge that you need each other, facilitate structured communication, improve failure reports, and coordinate and leverage planned downtime. To further improve collaboration and efficiency, IFS Ultimo EAM software also offers an extensive Operations suite. This suite contains accessible functionality for Shift Handover, Downtime Registration, and Autonomous Maintenance to involve operations/production in maintenance, gathering information, and streamlining your processes.

Benefits summarized

IFS Ultimo EAM customers benefit from:

  • Structured communication and paperless meetings between teams and shifts
  • Improved efficiency by involving operators in maintenance tasks
  • Better availability and reliability, resulting in more revenue and margins.

Learn more

Would you like to learn more about better collaboration with IFS Ultimo EAM?

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Or download our whitepaper: Optimizing collaboration with the Operations Suite

About the RELIABILITY Conference Solution Awards

Continuing the scheduled events at The RELIABILITY Conference, the Solutions Awards took place on Tuesday, May 14th. These awards honor and recognize organizations that have implemented exceptional solutions in asset management. Hosted annually by, the conference gathers experts in reliability and top-managed companies to achieve their business objectives. This includes enhancing commercial operations, safety, and environmental sustainability.

The Solutions Awards spotlight the role of emerging technologies in advancing the culture of reliability and accelerating organizational goals in a safer and more effective manner. Award winners gain significant benefits, including positive exposure, promotion on the conference website and social media, and enhanced brand recognition. Winning an award at this ceremony provides a substantial boost to both the organization and the professionals behind the achievement.

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