Plastic Bricks program

IFS Ultimo and UNICEF have joined forces to empower children in Ivory Coast by launching the innovative Plastic Bricks program. Together, we are working towards providing educational opportunities for these young minds. By recycling plastic, building blocks for classrooms are made. The fact that this project combines waste recycling with the education of children, makes it a unique initiative, which we are proud to support. With this collaboration, IFS Ultimo joins the UNICEF Business Buddies program. This is a concept that connects companies with the work of UNICEF.

“We are very happy with the support and contribution from IFS Ultimo,” said Joliene Heimgartner of UNICEF Netherlands. “Thanks to the support of companies such as IFS Ultimo, we ensure that more children in Ivory Coast can go to school, while at the same time other problems in the country are tackled.”

Building blocks for the future

The Plastic Bricks project not only stimulates education for more children in Ivory Coast. They are also working on a better environment. Ivory Coast has a huge waste problem. The capital Abidjan produces 288,000 kilos of plastic waste every day. UNICEF has some of this recycled into plastic building blocks, which are used to build school classrooms.
There are currently 1.6 million children in Ivory Coast not attending school. Thanks to the contribution from IFS Ultimo, more children can receive education.

Children have the future

At IFS Ultimo, we are proud partner of this great project. By associating ourselves with UNICEF, we connect with a large organization that provides help to children on a global scale. As an employer, we believe the development of children is important. If children are given the opportunity to develop, they can make the world a little better. With our support, UNICEF can build a completely new classroom made of plastic building blocks!

In the past, we already provided some single donations to this project, but we are now aiming towards a more sustainable relationship. This collaboration with UNICEF is the latest addition to our ESG policy.

This video provides a good overview of this initiative:

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