The Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management software will help BEAT take their ambitions and growth to the next level.  

“At BEAT we are constantly working on improving ourselves and innovating,” says Geert Broekhuizen. “In trying to professionalise and grow the company, we ran into issues with managing our bikes, cars and stock. With their leading software solution, Ultimo will help us manage this by providing insight into what parts on the bike are race-ready or in need of replacement while on the road or in our workshop. This also allows us to be more sustainable in how we manage spare parts. But more importantly, and as every rider knows, “proper maintenance helps win races.” 

Ewout Noordermeer, CMO at Ultimo: “At Ultimo we help organisations get in control of their assets, optimise availability, manage costs and guarantee safety. And it doesn’t matter whether that is a chemical plant or a cycling team; the process is essentially the same. And in BEAT we see ambitions to grow, a new approach and a sustainable character. So we are extra proud to be supporting BEAT on their way to become a UCI ProTeam.” 

A mini-documentary will be made about our collaboration in the coming months. In short videos we will show you the behind the scenes of a professional cycling team and a professional software company.  

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