Industrial software solutions

The partnership allows Wonderware Italia to add IFS Ultimo’s EAM solution to its portfolio and offer customers a single point of contact for all their operation and maintenance-related challenges. For IFS Ultimo, this first partnership in Italy is another step in its global growth strategy.

IFS Ultimo and Wonderware Italia are strongly connected to AVEVA’s stack of industrial software solutions. Customers can now easily extend the use of the data they generate with other software tools by integrating them with IFS Ultimo. They will benefit from an asset management architecture that is integrated with real-time data solutions, enabling them to trigger maintenance activities and efficiently manage and optimize the entire process. Thanks to IFS Ultimo’s scalability, customers can start with a small and very focused installation and easily progress to a complete EAM system as their requirements evolve.

Operation Management experience

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales at IFS Ultimo, commented: “The wide range of applicability of the AVEVA and IFS Ultimo solutions allows Wonderware Italia to offer the IFS Ultimo platform across multiple manufacturing sectors in Italy. Customers will benefit from having access to IFS Ultimo and the expert support and industry knowledge provided by Wonderware Italia. Our flexible, effective, easy-to-configure and simple-to-maintain asset management solution, combined with Wonderware Italia’s Operation Management experience, makes it easy to optimize asset management processes.”

Integrated solution

Alessandro Bertoli, Portfolio & Solutions Manager at Wonderware Italia, said: “Our goal is to be a partner for industrial digital transformation. The right recipe for our customers is to mix skills, technology, reliability and credibility. Today, the industrial software infrastructure can no longer consist of independent applications. Integration and contextualization of best-of-breed applications is a key factor in ensuring success today and tomorrow. With this partnership, we can further extend our integrated solution offering. Both AVEVA and IFS Ultimo technologies offer a strong synergy to operators and maintenance teams to get the best performance from their assets. Our customers can now work with one technology provider who can fully support their digital transformation. We believe that the best performance can be reached by empowering people, from operators up to management, with the proper information, given timely and accurately. Extending our portfolio with IFS Ultimo allows us and our customers to accelerate this journey to the future.”

About Wonderware Italia

For over 30 years we have been supporting the Digital Transformation processes of manufacturing companies and infrastructures with advanced industrial software. Wonderware Italia provide solutions for Supervision and Data Collection, Operation Management (MES/MOM), Asset Management, and Industry 4.0, with which we help people, teams and companies to manage Operations and Assets in real time, improving efficiency and increasing competitiveness. Our consultancy approach accompanies organizations throughout their technological evolution, supporting them from the initial analysis phase to the adoption of the most suitable software solutions.

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