Clear, well-defined project phases

Vibber first makes sure to map the processes so that the implementation goes smoothly and meets the customer’s requirements. The way in which vibber involves people in the projects creates more support, which results in a better adoption of the system. They work with clear, well-defined project phases and periodically assess the progress to ensure a good result. Vibber can take over the project management surrounding the implementation for the customer and can also serve as a key user if the customer does not have sufficient capacity.

This ensures a more efficient implementation process. After a company’s current and required situations have been mapped, that new situation can be implemented in the software immediately. And because vibber has a great deal of experience in the field of asset management and the Ultimo software, they can also provide the right input to reach the desired situation. Vibber does not only have this advisory role in the field of asset management, but they also have more than 30 years of experience in the automotive branch and specifically in the field of workshop management. Many organisations in the Fleet Asset market have their own workshop in which maintenance and repairs are carried out. In addition to their management processes, vibber also helps these organisations set up their workshop processes smarter and more efficiently.

These customers benefit from our partnership

Together, vibber and Ultimo have helped a lot of companies move forward. These include ACV Group, Simon Look, AB Texel and Irado NV.

Annelien van Houwelingen, Sales and Marketing Manager at vibber about the partnership with Ultimo 

“Ultimo and vibber share a passion for Enterprise Asset Management. We both strive to make companies successful and future-proof. Since we have been a certified Ultimo partner, we have been able to add implementation services to our process and project management offer in the fleet asset market. It’s been a win-win situation for both us and our customers.”

About vibber

Vibber is an expert in the field of Asset Management. Vibber focuses on the management of fleets and machine parks through outsourcing or implementation. Vibber maps the required processes for the best possible implementation. Vibber then optimises and records these processes.

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Kris Sage Sales Director