ESG practically means using Environmental, Social, and Governance factors to evaluate companies on how far advanced they are with sustainability.

  • E, environmental criteria, includes energy consumption, waste, and carbon emissions.
  • S, social criteria, includes labor relations, reputation, diversity, and inclusion.
  • G, governance, is the internal system of practices, controls, and procedures your company adopts to govern itself, make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders.

12 ways how a modern EAM platform equips organizations to improve sustainability and execute their ESG strategy


  1. Timely maintenance and maintenance according to the right and clear procedures avoids environmental incidents.
  2. Keeping equipment and systems well-maintained helps them be more energy efficient.
  3. A consistent production process without unplanned downtime leads to less carbon emission.
  4. Using sustainable warehouse management methods in Enterprise Asset Management reduces material waste whilst providing optimal material availability, with less downtime and increased asset efficiency as a result.
  5. Using a mobile app for maintenance & HSE processes enables going paperless.
  6. A Cloud-based EAM on Microsoft Azure is between 72 and 98 percent more carbon-efficient than On-Prem solutions.


  1. High-quality processes in the field of Incident Management, Work Permits, Task Risk Assessments, and Lockout-Tagout enable a Zero-Incident organization.
  2. Communication between Operations, Maintenance & Safety departments facilitated by one central platform enables cross-team collaboration and a more productive and safer work environment.
  3. The scarcity of qualified technicians requires smart automation and the adoption of EAM-integrated technologies like Predictive Maintenance, Drone inspections, and Augmented Reality to do more with less.


  1. Access to accurate information at the right moment is key to effective decision-making.
  2. Clear predefined steps in the work order, purchasing, and safety processes with clear approval steps, secured by the system are key to ensuring governance.
  3. Reliable and reproducible information is key to demonstrating compliance and successful audits.

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