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Stringent quality standards, expiry dates and traceability force companies to work meticulously. Naturally, you want to minimise risks in terms of safety, quality, the environment and health. Your maintenance service is faced with the daily challenge of making sure your assets are available as much as possible. And every day you encounter new challenges. What is an easy way to gain an understanding of and control over your maintenance management? Do you have the tools and the insight to further optimise your processes? Do your current tools allow you to listen to the signals your assets give you?

Get a grip on your assets with Ultimo EAM+ software

The sweets industry cannot afford to rest on its laurels in the very changeable confectionery market. Not to mention the fierce competition. It’s a matter of staying focussed and alert. With a wealth of information you are able to implement improvements in your process control, increasing production efficiency. Structurally recording relevant information helps you meet the requirements of checks and audits for norms and legislation. Because food safety is essential for you as well, obviously? And how great would it be if your maintenance can be registered as EHS processes in only one system: the Ultimo EAM+.

Safety Management software

Ultimo Safety Management software supports you with the inventory and avoidance of risks regarding? safety, quality, health and the environment. When you use Safety Management software, it is easy to demonstrate that you comply with important legislation. With the aid of customer panels, we have realised solutions that support processes for EHS incident reports, Lockout Tagout, Management of Change, Shift handover and Work permits. Do you safeguard all these processes in a safe and orderly manner?

If you do, then you are well on your way with Safety Management. But consider the benefits if you can also record all your facility, maintenance and service processes in one system. Ultimo software allows you to integrate these processes, thus supporting efficient and safe working.

Maintenance Management software

The use of intuitive and proven Maintenance Management software supports you, and structures your maintenance processes. You will be able to control your maintenance processes, maintenance policy, current contracts, uptime and downtime of assets, and stock control with information submitted by the software.

Using Ultimo EAM+ software results in:

  • one integral solution for all your safety and maintenance processes;
  • more control over the execution of maintenance activities resulting in less unplanned downtime and less production time lost;
  • increased insight and improved safety on the shop floor and in production;
  • better risk management;
  • being able to demonstrate that you comply with laws and regulation;
  • a decisive overview to implement improvements in process management;
  • more options in terms of Smart Maintenance and Internet of Things to apply and make maintenance increasingly predictable;
  • one complete maintenance administration with only few actions;
  • more efficiency and lower costs.

If you also want to work with one integral solution to ensure proper maintenance and safety in your organisation, register all of your processes in the Ultimo EAM+. Interested in the possibilities? Please get in touch with us.

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