To the Next Level with the Ultimo Fleet Management Software

“Our current Fleet Management is at level 1.0. With Ultimo, we are hoping to lift this to 2.0,” explains Daniël van der Staaij, Financial Controller at Van Duijn. “We are lacking clear information, which makes it impossible to do analyses. For example, we would like to know what we spend our time on, whether certain processes can’t be made more efficient, or where we can still save on costs. We would like Ultimo to provide us with this information.”

Step-by-Step Implementation

In the first phase, the priority will be the workshop. This is also the place where a lot of short-term profit is to be made. Over time, the use of Ultimo will be expanded further with, among other things, fuel cards, damage processing and transferring damages to insurances. A link will also be realised with the financial system AFAS. With this, financial information can be easily exchanged between both systems, creating more efficiency.

The implementation of Ultimo at Van Duijn will start soon. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!

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