Shaping your maintenance plan

The search for the best way of shaping your maintenance plans never ends. The goal still is to move toward predictive maintenance. However, if you are too late with your predictive maintenance, you will need corrective maintenance again. The right balance is hard to find. Fortunately, today’s tools make it increasingly easy to find that balance. For some additional support, we have listed five things you should know about maintenance plans:

1. IoT (Internet of Things) does work

By linking your assets with the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), you get more insight into failures. Collecting the measurement data provided by sensors helps limit or prevent downtime. And if you program the CMMS to automatically create a work order in case of irregularities, you are using IoT very effectively. Afraid you will lose sight of the big picture? Of course, it is also possible to filter out only the data relevant for you.  

2. There is no crystal ball

You can never be entirely sure of what the future brings. After all, there is so much that can affect what happens. But you will have a clear idea by analysing the failures, downtime, and the required and available parts for repairs. Structured input of this information gives you the tools to create overviews and dashboards. With this information at your disposal you will get close to having a crystal ball.

3. It will always be difficult to be on the same page with your colleagues

But nothing is impossible. Discussing your clear vision with them will give you a very good starting point. Your maintenance plan has sound figure-based evidence. Because the data have not appeared out of thin air of course. And the integrated Kanban board in your Maintenance Management Software makes collaborating so easy. Tasks are arranged neatly and automatically made into work orders. Get good use out of extra and new functionalities in the CMMS, which makes being on the same page with your colleagues even more feasible.

4. Plans are made to be changed

Don’t take yourself too seriously. A plan is a plan. Meaning they are more like guidelines for working toward a smooth-running department. Progressing insight and future developments might require you to change a plan intermediately. That is a good thing! After all, if you had known what you know today five years ago, you should have chosen a different profession. Both people and technology are constantly developing. All the data you have and will have at your disposal allows you to shape your plans even better.  

5. You are doing great

Don’t let anyone tell you differently. A little bit of extra help never did any harm. Overview is key. Smart use of Maintenance Management Software and your other systems improves the accuracy of your work. This also includes experimenting with new technologies. This does not necessarily mean it will be entirely successful in one go. As long as you have the right partners to support you, your chances of success are at the highest.

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