Starting version 2019 upwards, the screen will default open in the selection list, saving you that extra click. So easy! In the past we used to configure this on request for many customers, but now it is part of the service!

What was actually realised?

  • Screens now default open in the selection list. Does the name of screen contain ‘create’, ‘report’, ‘enter’ or ‘compile’? Then the screen will open in the input screen.
  • With the Application Element Tree (AET) it is easy to configure in which tab a screen should be opened: an input screen or the selection list. You can find the AET in the Ultimo Customisation Tool.
  • The user can use the drawing pin icon at the top of the screen to set in which tab you want to open the screen; the input screen or the selection list.

Starting from the selection list is default available in the Ultimo 2019 release and higher.

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