Easier and more efficient processes

EZ Factory’s EZ-GO platform digitises many of the standardised work processes relating to safety, quality, training and efficiency, empowering operators to drive continuous improvement​. Ultimo’s EAM cloud platform supports organisations with asset management by improving labour productivity, maximising asset availability, and increasing safety on the shop floor. The integration of the Ultimo and EZ Factory platforms helps deliver an integrated approach to operations and maintenance, improving communication and teamwork for easier and more efficient processes.

Connecting platforms

Randy Appiah, co-founder of EZ Factory, explains: “By connecting our platforms we bring the technicians closer to the production environment. For example, when a field operator executes a planned first-line maintenance task, such as an inspection, they might notice a deviation or an area for improvement. They then act immediately to report and solve this. This action is now tracked and managed in ​Ultimo, and the feedback sent back​ to EZ-GO. Integrating both systems enables the action to be executed more efficiently, improving the standard of work. It also makes it easier to train new employees and enhances communication between the teams.”

Build an important bridge

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo, adds: “Although many processes are automated and digitised, operational employees often remain the eyes and ears of the organisation. EZ-GO provides the platform where they can easily report any observations. Through Ultimo, we then ensure that these reports are followed up with the right action. This way, we team up to build an important bridge between operations and technology, helping create the right balance ​between autonomous maintenance and planned preventive maintenance ​to improve the performance of all assets.”

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Jeremiah Woodford VP Sales Americas