Why the Ultimo Award?

Here at IFS Ultimo we try to give the unseen heroes who keep businesses running the recognition they deserve. The service technician, the safety officer, the operator, etc. All of those specialists who no-one really sees if they do their job well. Working hard every day to keep the company up and running and safe. Ultimo helps them do their job and realize improvements. With the Ultimo Award we want to reward these company results.

Why enter? How and what?

Enter if you and your team want to celebrate tangible company results such as more efficiency, increased uptime, happier customers, cost reductions or a safer working environment.

After the intake, we will visit your facility and shoot a short video of about 2-3 minutes. The video will be shown at the Ultimo Conference, where the audience can vote for the Award winner. Needless to say that all selected candidates are winners to us!

A delegation of your organization will participate live in the Ultimo conference in Amsterdam (17 November), including a dinner and an overnight stay paid for by Ultimo.

Award candidates will get the video of their facility for free, and the Award winner chosen by the audience will win a gift certificate worth 2.5k to be spent on teambuilding activities.

So don’t hesitate and enter the Ultimo Award 2022 through the form below!

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