In order to gain the most from Enterprise Asset Management software, users need to know how to operate the software most efficiently. User training and adoption can sometimes be a challenge, but IFS Ultimo’s e-learning offerings transform this challenge into an opportunity. Thanks to the interactive and engaging learning paths offered, operational excellence is on the horizon. In North America specifically, IFS Ultimo’s e-learning portfolio is unmatched, There are many ways it will propel your understanding and use of the software to the next level.

Learn anywhere, at any time

IFS Ultimo’s credo of supreme flexibility also applies to e-learning. Online learning can be done anywhere, at anytime. This means that maintenance staff can fit training and adoption into their already busy schedules without causing a disruption to work schedules and routines. Travel time is eliminated, and individual learning becomes possible for maintenance teams working in shifts or across different locations. Additionally, the resources can be reviewed as often as needed. This turns the learning platform into a valuable source of information, providing insight when needed, in line with the company’s growth trajectory.

Exceptional quality at no extra cost

Every Ultimo user automatically has access to e-learning materials relevant to their role. Simply log in to the online learning platform and select a user role to see all relevant resources. No additional purchases are required, and all users can benefit from the superb quality of learning offered on the digital platform as soon as their user account is created. Periodically the offerings are updated, in line with the development of the software. This means that the materials are always updated.

IFS Ultimo’s uniformity

The medium e-learning offers a high level of consistency in content and delivery. Online learning avoids many situational factors that may inhibit learning, such as the expertise of the instructor, the facilities at the training location and, most importantly, the whim of the day. By removing the limitation of hosting training only on specific dates, the learner is empowered to create the best learning environment possible, which will positively impact the overall learning experience. Furthermore, every learner receives a consistent set of content.

Learning is fun

Not everyone learns in the same way, and to facilitate learning in all its facets, IFS Ultimo offers an engaging learning experience that is comprised of animations, demonstrations, simulations and quizzes. Providing hands-on practice with the software is essential, and by doing this in an engaging way, knowledge retention is improved.

For maintenance professionals in particular, practical knowledge is indispensable. The e-learning modules often include real-life scenarios and exercises tailored to the industry of your organization. Learning should be practical and fun, and IFS Ultimo combines the best of both worlds.

Own your learning journey

E-learning is particularly suited to follow at your own pace, and since not everyone learns at the same pace, having ownership of your own learning journey offers significant benefits. Learn at your own speed, skip familiar information and revisit difficult topics: e-learning facilitates not only the initial learning journey, but all steps in the learning cycle. This allows experienced users of EAM software and beginners alike to make the most out of their learning journey.

The latest and greatest

The world of EAM, and in particular EAM software, is a capricious one, where the product itself is prone to continuous change. New features are introduced, while existing features might be updated or reworked to better address customer requirements. Significant changes will always be incorporated into our portfolio, with a dedicated team working full-time to bring the latest and greatest to your learning platform swiftly. For the modern maintenance professional looking to further hone their skills and solidify their expertise, e-learning combines theory and practice in the strive towards operational excellence.


The modern workforce wants learning to be easily accessible, inherently informative and at a moment’s notice – available. In the North American market, IFS Ultimo offers an unmatched learning experience on its own learning platform. Foster your understanding of the IFS Ultimo software in the most flexible, cost-effective, consistent and engaging way possible. Embrace e-learning today to empower your organization’s transition towards operational excellence.

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