Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) are two distinct but closely related disciplines that Healthcare organizations often integrate to enhance overall efficiency, streamline processes, and improve the management of resources. Thus, Amsterdam UMC (the largest global fusion hospital) created a central service portal for all its 18,000 employees in ServiceNow. To manage the specialized service around the more than 60,000 medical devices, they connected the best-of-breed maintenance solution from IFS Ultimo. Advanced service requires a best-in-class solution and IFS Ultimo can provide this with their CMMS/EAM solution based on more than 35 years of experience in maintenance. 

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Here are some reasons why integrating ESM and EAM can be beneficial: 

  • integrating ESM and EAM provides a synergistic approach to managing services and assets, leading to improved efficiency,  
  • better resource utilization, and more effective decision-making.  
  • It fosters collaboration between teams responsible for service delivery and asset management, creating a more integrated and responsive organizational structure. 

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