Combining Information Flows in a central system

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) provides the right tools to organise your maintenance processes, which increases your overall efficiency and effectiveness. A CMMS gives you a single system where all information flows that concern you as a maintenance manager come together. Imagine having your workflow-related subjects, finances, communication and asset information available in one overview rather than having to use multiple systems.

The right information at the Right Time

CMMS contains all information maintenance managers need to not only properly execute their job but also to continuously improve their maintenance processes. This information includes, among others, production lines and machines, periodical maintenance plans, personnel planning and warehouse stocks. A CMMS can be a vital tool for registering, organising and combining data to give you all the information you need in a single screen. Imagine the efficiency of knowing all necessary materials for a maintenance job are available in the warehouse, while the employee who executes the job knows exactly when and what he needs to do in advance.

Going to the next level

You could even take it one step further: A proper CMMS not only allows you to register the necessary data for you to effectively organise your maintenance activities, but also supports you with the latest technology. By linking your CMMS with sensors, Augmented Reality, PLC/Scada systems and a multitude of other smart applications you can create an environment where your CMMS system actively supports you in optimising your maintenance processes. Now that would be embracing the future!

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