A large part of a successful implementation depends on the choice of a skilled and involved supplier. This supplier can guide your organisation and understand your processes. They can give you vital information and maybe even suggest some areas for improvement. However, the successful completion of an implementation is mainly up to the organisation itself and for that reason this blog contains a number of tips with which your organisation can significantly increase the chance of successful CMMS implementation.

1. Keep in mind the original goal of the CMMS implementation

Because all the possibilities of the software become increasingly clear, it is very tempting to keep increasing the scope of the project. Therefore, it is important to establish clear goals beforehand and stick to them.

2. Ensure a proper preparation

Determine what needs to be done beforehand and record it. This saves a lot of (extra) work during the implementation.

3. Work with subprojects and milestones

This will make sure the steps of the process run smoothly.

4. Do not forget to celebrate successes

This keeps the level of enthusiasm and involvement high. It also makes it easier to have colleagues cooperate when needed during the implementation.

5. Appoint a project leader

Give someone the responsibility and the authority to lead the project.

6. Include the employees at an early stage of the project

To establish initial commitment, the key users and other involved (future) users need to be informed of the progress from the start. Nothing is more unpleasant than employees feeling threatened & digging in their heels. This is often avoided by including them from an early stage..

7. Do not plan everything too tightly; take your time

Establish clear project preconditions. Clarity regarding the planning and the budget is essential. Delivering a quality product takes time and it is essential to both the software supplier and you that quality does not suffer. A project with a short lead time, a small budget and few resources is doomed to fail.

Heeding these tips enhances the chance of successfully completing an implementation. No-one can guarantee that an implementation will not overrun, but the right supplier can definitely offer proper guidance! In the reference case of Synbra, we focus on the learning process of the company regarding the implementation of various EHS modules. The case study also contains several practical tips from Theo van Maurik of Synbra. Read the case study here.

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