The EAM Ultimo is more than just a maintenance management system for the technical service. Processes regarding health, safety and environment (HSE) can also be registered in Ultimo. And in our vision the Operations department plays a crucial part in increasing uptime. With Ultimo, the Production, Maintenance and Safety departments together can ensure maximum uptime, minimal administrative burden and a safe working environment.

On the outside of the circle you can see which department is primarily responsible for a process. One of the characteristics of most of the Ultimo modules is that their use is not limited to one department but facilitates collaboration between departments. The lines on the inside of the circle describe the role these departments have in every process.

Some examples:

  • Work Order Management is the responsibility of Maintenance, but many work requests are submitted by Operations or are the result of HSE processes.
  • The primary focus of Shift Handover is knowledge sharing between operator crews, but the meeting lists and associated Kanban boards facilitate the daily or weekly meetings with Maintenance and HSE.
  • The HSE modules Lockout Tagout and Work Permits allow the Operations department to provide a safe working environment for the execution of activities by Maintenance.
  • Autonomous Maintenance shifts first-line tasks to the operator, which increases their responsibility and frees up the time of the maintenance team for more specialised tasks.

Simple templates and checklists, like automatically linking predefined work permits to recurring maintenance tasks, do not only improve collaboration but also reduce the administrative burden.


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