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In large, complex organisations there are typically multiple sources of asset data: Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), and of course Ultimo CMMS. As often happens when companies merge or assets are sold, a jumble of systems, applications and sometimes unstructured data is inherited. It may be that the board decides from the beginning that one system will become the standard. End users can be reluctant to move away from their familiar application and this can cause tension within the organisation. By using Viewport, you can avoid a ‘Big Bang’ scenario and have a much smoother transition. At the same time, as Viewport analyses the data, improvements can be applied step by step, and changes can be introduced to restructure the data. While all of this is happening, you can also improve collaboration between Maintenance, Engineering, Operations and the SHEQ departments. What else do you need?

How can we help make this happen?

Ultimo Software Solutions and Radial SG have created an integration between the Radial Viewport application and Ultimo CMMS to bring together the best of both! This integration has been extensively tested over the past months and is available today. Viewport identifies tags and other keywords in the engineering content and generates clickable links. At a single glance you can see how information is connected, eliminating the need for manual searching for related content. Tag data directly from the CMMS will be presented within the Viewport interface and equally the content can be viewed in the Ultimo CMMS interface.

Do you know what the best part is? You do not have to change your current work processes! Everyone can continue to work as normal with their existing applications but with all of the added options delivered by Viewport. It’s a seamless integration, fully incorporated into the Ultimo CMMS interface. Departments can get the best use of the current “fit for purpose” systems and get the added options of Viewport to help find, understand, and navigate complex information structures about an acquired or merged asset as quickly and easily as possible.

By using smart analyses and machine learning, Viewport recognises the elements from different systems, even if they use different naming conventions. This is not a manual process. Viewport uses content analyses and advanced OCR (Optcal Character Recognition) combined with intelligent shape recognition to extract maximum intelligence from the content in a fully automated way.

Viewport works with all versions of Ultimo so you can get all of the advantages today! Whether this is on-premise or the SaaS option, it does not matter; both work equally well. The Viewport application is browser-based and no client installation is required, so it is accessible from any computer within your organisation.

For more information, take a look at the Radial SG website. Or contact your Ultimo account manager.

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